Nu-Edge Property Services Limited is a family run firm ensuring a high standard of custom tailored services to our clients. As a family run business we are more flexible, with new yet experienced perspectives, entrepreneurial and dedicated to our partners.

Our business philosophy is “If you want to do something, do it right!”. We strongly believe in this philosophy and are determined to make sure all our projects end with our desired and expected results. Our mission is to try to ensure that we exceed customers’ expectations by delivering a high quality service at great value through more efficient solutions and a dedicated staff. Through this strategy we seek to be a successful, trusted and professional all-in-one property services firm capable of delivering all range of services to make sure all your property needs are covered!

Our aim is to focus on delivering and accomplishing our client’s requirements to the best of our abilities to create long, prosperous and sustainable relationships. We strive to ensure that the best possible option is used for our projects while minimizing costs and risks without jeopardising our work ethics, projects or relationships. We have an exceptional list of private contractors and subcontractors that we have developed trust worthy connections with over the past years in the business to use in our refurbishment projects and make sure there are no unexpected surprises in that field.